Frequently Asked Questions

What are tape extensions?

Tape extensions are applied using a thin, rectangular bond that is applied using “tape” or “glue” with a rectangular section of your hair. Our extensions specialists are highly trained in applying these hair extensions to ensure that no damage is done to your natural hair. 

Why are tape extensions better than other extension application methods?

Over the years at Textur, just like trialling different brands of extensions, we have also trialled all different methods of application. Through these trials, we have determined that with the correct application and removal, tape was by far the least damaging on natural hair. With the tape taking a wide section of hair, as opposed to a small section like with beads or keratin bonds, it prevents the hair from twisting and breaking off and also greatly reduces the risk of matting or knotting.

Will tape extensions damage my natural hair?

At Textur we only supply the highest quality hair extensions, with our stylists personally testing these themselves. The bonds on tape extensions have come a long way from what they used to be, and are currently the preferred method among stylists in Australia. Our staff are highly trained in both the application and removal process, to ensure that no damage is done to your natural hair. 

Can I tie my hair up with tape extensions in?

During the application process at Textur, our staff are trained to ask specific questions relating to how you style your hair on a daily basis such as “do you the your hair in a high pony tail?”. Our placement of the hair extensions is then done specifically to the needs of each individual person to ensure you can style your hair as per your every day routine. 

How many extensions do I need?

The amount of extensions per person is determined by the length, and thickness of the natural hair and what the client would like to achieve by having extensions, whether it be length, thickness or both. One full head of tape extensions is 40 individual pieces of tape, however someone with naturally thick hair would need between a head and a half to two full heads. This is determined by seeing your hair in person during a free consultation or on the day of your appointment. 

Show Pony or Russian?

At Textur we offer a variety of different brands of tape hair extensions, each suitable for a different hair type and to achieve different goals. We appreciate that each girl is different, and every hair goal is different!

We recommend our Textur Russian 22inch extensions, or Paramount 24inch extensions for the girls aiming for the luscious extra long and thick mermaid hair look. These extensions are longer and double-drawn, meaning they are thicker than average hair extensions. These are suitable for normal and thicker natural hair types, to create the perfect natural blend!

For our beautiful girls with the finer or damaged hair types, we recommend using Showpony 20inch extensions. The bonds on the extensions are a tiny 0.5cm, perfect to hide and be able to tie up, while still adding length and added thickness. These bonds are also designed to be gentle on natural hair, making sure we take care of natural hair while still achieving your hair goal!

Through our years of experience, and after trialing various methods, we have found the tape extensions method to be the least damaging on natural hair, and the most natural in appearance. Tape extensions are perfect for those wanting their extensions to look as natural as possible, while still achieving length and thickness. Our extensions specialists are highly trained in how to apply extensions to suit each individual persons needs.

We understand that choosing the perfect extension type is important, so we also offer free consultations with an extensions specialist to help choose the perfect fit for you. Too book a consultation or appointment, please call or message us on 0435886711 xx

Caring for your tape extensions

  • Our tape extensions are the most gentle on your hair, as no heat is needed during the application process. The bonding is simply done by pressing two pieces of tape extensions firmly around a section of your natural hair

  • Once your extensions are applied, we recommend not wetting or washing your hair for 72 hours to ensure the extensions are bonded, and to avoid having them slip out too soon

  • When tying your hair in a high pony tail or bun, try to use a loose hair tie and avoid doing so in the first week after application

  • When washing you hair, we recommend shampooing twice. Once to lift the dirt off your scalp and hair, and the second to rinse this dirt out. Use conditioner only on your mid-lengths and ends, avoid all contact with the tapes or bonds. 

  • Ensure you blow dry your hair thoroughly after washing to avoid any matting or knotting caused by the glue slipping due to being wet. 

  • Don’t use any shampoos or conditioners with sulphates, keratin, protein or oils in them. If you are unsure, please don’t hesitate to contact us to check whether the product you are using is safe on your hair extensions. 

  • Avoid swimming in pools containing chlorine. Chlorine is extremely drying on extensions and is known to effect the quality of hair extensions. If swimming cannot be avoided, put conditioner on your ends before swimming and wash your hair thoroughly after your swim with the recommended moisturising products. 

  • Use a detangler, or other kind of extensions brush at all times when brushing or styling your hair. These brushes are designed to gently glide through the extensions to ensure they do not pull or tug on your natural hair. Pulling on your extensions too roughly with the incorrect brush may cause damage to your natural hair. 

  • Tape extensions need to be lifted up every 6-8 weeks, if the extensions are left in longer than this it can cause damage on your natural hair. We recommend rebooking your next appointment before leaving the salon to ensure your preferred time and date is available for you. 

  • During the removal process, it is normal to see small quantities of your natural hair coming out. This is due to natural hair loss that occurs every day, however is unable to fall out freely as it is between the bonds of your extensions. This is completely normal and occurs with every person

  • Please do not remove your extensions yourself or have any one else do this for you. Our staff are highly trained in removing extensions in a way that causing no damage. If your extensions are removed by yourself or others, we can not be liable for any damage that may occur

  • Please try and avoid having someone at home or another salon apply your extensions, Textur extension specialists are trained by each supplier specifically to the needs of that brand of extensions. Incorrect application by untrained persons can cause unnecessary damage.