Nano Beads

Nano Beads are quickly becoming the most popular hair extension method used by hair dressers. Being one of Brisbane’s only salons now offering nano bead application, we are excited to share some interesting facts about why the nano is just that great!
The nano bead is 90% smaller than the traditional hair extension bead, eliminating painful pillow time & sore red pressure bumps from having too much weight on each strand of hair.
The clever u-tip technology used in the bond of the extension is fantastic for protecting hair loss or tension alopecia as the u-tip will slide out from the bead or bond of the extension, rather than damaging the hair follicles on the scalp.
At Textur, we have a very divers range of colours, lengths & hair textures ensuring we can colour match any client who visits our salon. We deal directly through the supplier & can custom make to any length, colour & texture required to give our client the best result. Sourcing the hair from Vietnam and Moscow, we promise the highest quality extensions with full warranty guarantee, and if you’re not 100% happy, we will replace the product with a brand new set!
So, what else makes the nano so great?!
– Simple, quick & pain free removal! No glue, heat or braiding required to create secure attachment.
– Hair can be re-used for up to 18 months
– No need for heat styling & painful blow dry after you shower. This amazing hair can be left to dry naturally with no issue of stickiness or slipping like tape, or creating that damp hair small through your braid.

Perfect for creating beautiful colours – even if your can’t handle bleach, a variety of colours can be applied to create anything from the most seamless blend, right through to a complete damage & colour free makeover!

Price List:

Full head 24inch
nano bead


Full head 24inch Russian
nano bead


Full head 24inch Virgin Unprocessed nano bead


Full head 22inch Virgin Unprocessed